Fresh Watermelon Juice Extract / தர்பூசணி பழச்சாறு (300ml)

(Approx 300ml)
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Watermelon is one of the most popular and flavored in the entire world. With an obvious presence of water (hence the name), it also houses many essential nutrients and minerals. So what is the best way to get all these nutrients and minerals without causing wastage? Blend them up and have it as a juice of course.

A cooling drink relished by children and adults alike, the watermelon juice easily sits atop the health charts for the best summer drink. Blessed with generous amount of water and vital nutrients, the watermelon juice has a cooling effect on our body like no other. Filled with vitamins A, B6, B1 and C – each beneficial to us in its own way. Watermelon juice also houses a component called Lypocene, which along with Beta-carotene ensure a strong and stable heart.

The juice keeps you active all day, controls your blood pressure and keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. The potassium present keeps your heart healthy with the skin and hair kept perfect.

Nutritional Value of Watermelon Juice

Despite high water content, the watermelon is also made up of the following

  • 90% water filled with nutrients
  • Each sip contains Vitamins A, C and B6
  • Loads of amino acids, antioxidants and Lypocene
  • Small amounts of potassium
  • Low on sodium and calories

The nutrients present ensure smooth bodily functioning along with improving the immune system and defend it from cancerous cells. Lypocene is known to have a good effect on bone and heart,

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Fresh Watermelon Juice Extract / தர்பூசணி பழச்சாறு (300ml)
Fresh Watermelon Juice Extract / தர்பூசணி பழச்சாறு (300ml)
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