Fresh Carrot Juice / கேரட் சாறு (300ml)

(Approx 300ml)
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Carrots are nutrient-dense root vegetables with numerous health benefits. These crunchy, sweet, and tasty roots are rich in antioxidants, fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals. These roots are available in orange, red, and yellow pigments.

Eating carrots doesn’t have to be the only way to enjoy the goodness of these nutrients. Juicing the veggies can be equally good. A large body of scientific evidence supports and promotes the regular intake of carrot juice for skin and vision health. It may also help promote weight loss and reduce cancer risk.

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1 review for Fresh Carrot Juice / கேரட் சாறு (300ml)

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Fresh Carrot Juice / கேரட் சாறு (300ml)
Fresh Carrot Juice / கேரட் சாறு (300ml)
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